Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kibor: We will divide Kenya

At last Jackson Kibor arraigned for incitement despite protests to realease his led by Raila Odinga and ODM. In a report titled Kenya in Crisis, the International Crisis Group said "A powerful tribal elder was heard making statements that would have seen him prosecuted in many countries. Jackson Kibor, a prominent Nandi elder and politician in Eldoret, was unapologetic over the violence and said to the BBC that the Kalenjin have a right to kill Kikuyus. He described the violence in the Rift Valley as “a war” and said Kikuyus will never be allowed back. This chilling message from the traditional elders is widely shared by most ordinary Kalenjin."

ODM leader, Mr Raila Odinga (centre) with party members
Dr Oburu Odinga (Raila's Brother) (left) and Mr Jackson Kibor at Pentagon House yesterday.
Kibor, who was released from police custody recently, congratulated Raila on signing
the peace deal. Picture by Dominic Odhiambo
The Standard, March 2, 2008
(Update: The article has since been deleted from The Standards' Website)

In the last few days ODM leadership has openly called for the issolation of the kikuyu community into their own country. Najib Balala promised to reduce the Kikuyu to Lesotho a sentiment that was reaffirmed by a statement by ODM MPs read by Ababu Namwamba saying that the Kikuyu should be isolated into their own country. Definately a lot of violence has to be used to round up the Kikuyu and send them to the Lesotho that ODM is building for the Kikuyus. And that is where Jackson Kibor and is army come in.

In an interview with the BBC, Jackson Kibor said, "Kikuyus should be on their own. We will divide Kenya."

Anthony Kimani with his baby saved from the burning church
The following is part of the interview. You can also listen to it by clicking here.
Note: Some people have called the interview a fabrication by me. Their doubts are understandable considering the fact that Kibor's words are outrageous. It is unbelievable that in this time and age somebody can still judge and call for the exetermination of another citizen based on the citizen's ethnic identity. Those disputing the fact that the interview was done by the BBC should note that the link comes from the bbc.co.uk domain owned by the BBC. You can access the page that contains the link to the audio by using google. Copy/paste this phrase that is in bold: site:bbc.co.uk "Eldoret from where Pascale Harter" End of phrase.
I prepared the transcript below from the audio.
Interviewer: Why target your neighbor? They didn’t rig the election.

Kibor: People have to fight the Kikuyu because Kibaki is a Kikuyu. People felt that all the Kikuyus were supporters of Kibaki so they have to fight them so that Kibaki can feel the pinch. We are 42 tribes. The other tribes are supporting ODM. The Kikuyu are the only ones supporting Kibaki. How can one tribe defeat others. That was the Kikuyu plan.

Interviewer: So targeting the Kikuyu, holding them responsible for the actions of Mwai Kibaki and his PNU Party is a political strategy for you? So when was that decided?
Kibor: It was nobody’s plan to beat the Kikuyus… no … it was a reaction. People just reacted and thy chased the Kikuyu.

Interviewer: What about now? What is the plan now? What would you tell the Kalenjin to do now?

Kibor: We will not sit down and see one tribe lead Kenya. We will fight. This is a war. We will start a war. One tribe cannot lead 41 tribes. This is a war. Now we are fighting for power.

Interviewer: Can you live in peace again? Will you as a Kalenjin leader tell your people to accept the Kikuyus coming back to their home and living here again?

Kibor: No we will not let them come back again because they are thieves. We will never let them come back.

Interviewer: Do you want to drive them out of Rift Valley, out of Western Kenya altogether?

Kibor: Correct. Correct. Kikuyus should be on their own. We will divide Kenya

Raila Odinga -a man who claims to be a Pan Africanist and a statesman- cannot see anything wrong with what Kibor said. He wants Kibor to be freed. A man who is promising to unite Kenya should he be PM is acusing the police of being overzelous. And that is why he stormed CID offices to demand Kibor's release.

Kibor's supporters are demanding his release on the grounds that he is an frail old man who doesn't deserve to spend a dail in jail. God has blessed Kibor by giving him 72 years on this earth. Some of Kibor's victims were not luck enough to see their 3rd birthday. Kibor may be a frail old man but his resolve to call for the slaughter of innocent Kenyans was not a frail. Age is supposed to make us wiser but this in not the case with Kibor.

The international community seems to be thinking that Kenya will be at peace once power is shared and ODM is rewarded with seats in the government. Not when the Kalenjin militia follows refugees to neoghboring countries to poison them; not when refugees are tossed into a river and left to down in what reminds us of River Kagera in Rwanda. The hate behind these and many other massacres cannot be erased by a PM seat. The seats that the international community is bargaining for Raila Odinga's ODM will be used to shelter people who have committed crimes against humanity.

In the West people who commit crimes against humanity are labeled terrorists and hunted down to the last man. In Kenya, the West wants us to reward criminals. In the West, staments issued by Osama Bin Laden calling for the slaughter of innocent people are taken as serious. Western governments use sophiciticated equipment to acertain authenticity of the voice. In Kenya, the opposition is calling for anhilation of the Kikuyu but the West is calling it freedom of speech!

Kass FM openly called for the Kalenjin to cut Kikuyus like grass but the station has to be kept operating lets the international comminity accuses the Kenyan government of dictatorship.

Bill Clinton said, “Genocide can occur anywhere. It is not an African phenomenon. We must have global vigilance. And never again must we be shy in the face of the evidence.”

There is evidence of a genocide but the world is shy to face it. It will take the slaughter of 1 million people for world leaders to stand in line waiting to shed their share of crocodile tears.


Anonymous said...

Mkosa Kabila,
Who is this correspondent who interviewed Mr. Kibor? Can you point him out?

Anonymous said...

Readers, my people - please research things on your own before forwarding emails like this. I just received a copy of this blog. Take yourself to http://www.bbc.co.uk and search for Jackson Kibor. This interview doesn't come up anywhere on this site.

Anonymous said...

Please, the lady interviewing Mr Kimani (my heart goes out to the real Mr.Kimani) is soo Kenyan trying to pass as a Brit. Guys, stop instigating hate.

Anonymous said...

The more I read this the more i hate this jaluo Raila.

Anonymous said...

I am luhya an I enjoyed cheering the Luo on,as they burnt Kisumu! Now they think their lives will improve just because jaluo is prime minister...my advise is...look at the kalenjin after 24 years of Moi's era!

Mkosa Kabila said...

I have updated the blog to include the link to the BBC. Look at the paragraph where Kibor's verbertim begins.

sgsnow said...

Nothing has been updated anywhere Mkosa Kabila. You are telling lies about a BBC interview with Kibor. It never happened.

Mkosa Kabila said...


The audio clip link is from the BBC.co.uk -a BBC domain name. You can also google the story by copy/paste this clause as is:

site:bbc.co.uk "Eldoret from where Pascale Harter"

I know, Jackson Kibor's words are unbelievable because they are ridiculous. That is the reason most of you -who support ODM and Raila Odinga- are calling them a fabrication.

Sad that we live in a country where leaders who call themselves statesmen wine and dine, and even call for the release of people like Kibor. I hope friends of Raila tell him that Kenyans are getting wiser.

Anonymous said...

please stop writing lies and deceiving the people... write credible stuff.. not your own imaginations. it is people like you who are dividing kenyans further

Anonymous said...


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