Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Eldoret Massacre

If you are Raila Odinga, the Eldoret Massacre is part of the expected results of a football match. If you are Ida Odinga, you will stand besides your husband as he uses violence as a bargaining chip. If you are Fidel Castro Odinga, you will cheer on your dad's fans seeking to burn Kenya to the ground. But if you are a Kenyan you will not see anything funny in this:

Raila Odinga: This kind of violence can be caused by anything. I give you and an example of a football match. You have also cases of Man U in UK fight against fans of Chelsea he he he ho ho or Asenal he he or so on.

Intervewer: But burning of churches and mass murder have more in common with the specter of Rwanda than they do a football matches.

That is how cheap the life has become in Kenya. It is just a game so sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching children tossed into the fire.

"The men and women had babies and small children, but they carried pangas to
defend themselves. Is someone with a panga innocent? It is not our custom to
kill women and children. We told them to come out of the church, but they
locked the door and refused to come out. So we burned them."
The Guardian,,2234305,00.html

Those are words of a brave Raila Odinga supporter. Cold and unmoved by what they did. That was the demeanor in Rwanda. Human life had been rendered worthless.

Leaders of the Orange Democratic Movement are yet to come out and condemn the Eldoret Massacre from the bottom of their hearts. The Vocal MP for Eldoret North William Ruto is missing from the national scene and has not dared to restrain his supporters. The victims of the Kenyan Genocide are instead being blamed for their situation.

The official line from ODM has been,
"Nobody wants to spill blood, but democracy has no shortcut."

In short, we have been forced to spill the blood of innocent Kenyans because there is a dictator in power.

Democracy -as per my aunderstanding- is when citizens make a choice without having to pay with their lives. There have been several reports saying that the Kikuyu, Kisii, Kamba, Embu, Meru and Kamba have been targeted because they "never voted for" Raila Odinga. I wonder what kind of democracy they are talking about.

I wonder what democracy they are talking about when they are urging their supporters not to respect the right to own property in any part of the country.

I wonder what democracy they are taling about when freedom of movement is not a right but a privilage dished out only to those tribes that are seen to be in support of Raila Odinga.


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I cry for Kenya, i look into desperate eyes of the kenyan kids, their mothers and all what comes out is tears, tears. Something is wrong, someone should preach peace before we loose too many more people. Our future who are the children will all have no parents this lead to a broken society.