Thursday, January 3, 2008

The truth about the Kenyan Genocide

The international press and the international community are pre-occupied with the results of the recently concluded elections in Kenya while genocide goes on unabated. Innocent children are hacked to death yet everybody is talking about the election results! It is sad to note that we are quick to give justification of the killings while ignoring the historical events that have put us in this predicament.

The opposition is accusing President Mwai Kibaki's party of rigging the election by inflating the results. On the other hand the president's party is accusing the opposition of locking out its (the ruling party's) agents from its strongholds then allowing multiple voting by compromising election officials. A close look at the election results shows that there was an unrealistically high turnout of voters in Eastern Province and Central Province where the president is rated favorably. There was also a very high turnout of voters in opposition strongholds in Rift Valley and Nyanza Provinces. This makes it difficult to tell who the real winner is in that poll that was said to be too close to call in pre-election surveys.

So how did the results lead to violence?

Even before the elections were held, there was propaganda circulating in Kenya pitting the Kikuyu tribe against the rest of Kenyans. Lists of Kikuyu government employees were circulated to create the notion that only Kikuyus were occupying top jobs. Those lists contained names of people from the Embu and Meru communities that live in the area around Mt. Kenya.

Kikuyu, Meru (composed of Meru, Mbeere, Tharaka) and Embu make up 24%, 6% and 3% of the Kenyan population respectively. People from these tribes are lumped together as GEMA and make up over 30% of the Kenyan population. One would expect a people who make up 30% of the population to have a noticeable presence in the job market and in the economy.

As a response to the propaganda, Government spokesman Dr. Mutua issued a 2000-name list of government appointees, that showed a balanced job distribution among tribes and districts. If anything, Kikuyus had a lower proportion than their ratio of the population. By then, the damage had been done , and the perception of Gema domination in government jobs stuck.

Then we propaganda saying that Central Province contributed the least in taxes yet it was allocated the most amount of money for development. This was first revealed in an op-ed by Barrack Muluka (The Standard, Saturday July 29, 2006 and Saturday July 22, 2006)

Kenya is a unitary state that is mainly funded by income tax and sales tax. From what I understand the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) doesn't keep tally on what each province contributes. Such a figure will be hard to come by because businesses are registered in Nairobi and remit their income tax to KRA in Nairobi no matter what part of the country the companies are doing business. Also a significant number of people working in Nairobi City live in Central province. This means that if we were to look at income tax collected from Nairobi, it will also include residents of Central Province.

Those talking about distribution of wealth present the case as though the distribution should be between tribes. The reality on the ground is that Kenya has a few rich people (made of elites from all tribes) and a majority of poor people. The elites pushing the tribal agenda deflect the issue of equitable distribution of wealth from being a class issue and make it a tribal issue.

A majority of Kenyans living in the slums is made up of people form the Kikuyu tribe. The area around Mt. Kenya where the so-called Gema tribes come from is densely populated forcing it inhabitants to seek land and jobs outside their ancestral lands. Today, the Kikuyu and the Kisii ( another bantu tribe from a densely populated region in Nyanza Province) can be found in all part of Kenya. A majority of Kenyan immigrants in the USA and the UK can trace their lineage to the Kikuyu and Kisii tribes.

In Kenya where tribes are supposed to own regions, migration creates a lot of tension. A Kikuyu doing business in Kisumu is not viewed as just another Kenyan who is working hard to earn his bread but as an alien coming in to dominate the local people. This tension mixed with politics has in the past resulted in tribal cleansing.

Just before the elections were held, members of the Kikuyu and Kisii communities were evicted from Ziwa Market in Eldoret by the Kalenjins who are the major ethinic group in Eldoret. These peoples were accused of dominating the business sector.

Politicians who seek to control their tribes have used ethic identity (an equivalent of ultra-nationalism as in Germany and Russia). These politicians promise their tribesmen that they will establish Majimbo (Federalism) as a way to ensure that the Kikuyu and other "aliens" don't "dominate" over them. To a significant population of Kenyans (mainly in Coast Province and Rift Valley) Majimbo means that Kenyans will go back to their ancestral land and leave behind their property.

The right to own property in any part of Kenya by any Kenyan citizen is a farce. A significant number of Kenyans believe that tribes own regions and those seeking to invest in those regions are temporary visitors who can be ejected at any time. Ejection and murder of "aliens" has happened in the recent past and is always seen as a justified way of dealing with competition.

The following quote points this out:

"They said although ODM pentagon member William Ruto urged residents to observe peace when he visited the area, a politician from the area met youths and held a meeting at Maemba running into midnight, where he supplied them with torches and gumboots.

The politician is reported to have said that those who had bought land in the area had rendered the indigenous people landless and consequently homeless."

Just before the election, Hilary Ngw'eno -a Samia ( Luhya sub-tribe) veteran journalist- wrote a series of "historical" articles in the Daily Nation on the role of the Gema (Kikuyu) mafia in the late President Kenyatta administration. It is now apparent that Ngw'eno was pushing the Kikuyu vs. non-Kikuyu Kenyans agenda even further. His articles were supposed to remind Kenyans of the "evil" Kikuyus and their conspiracy to control Kenya. President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga's father parted ways politically because Oginga Odinga was pro-communism while Kenyatta was pro-capitalism. People who want to rouse ethnic animosity often leave this fact out and argue that Kikuyus pushed Luos out of the Kenyatta government.

Another fact being falsely peddled by the media is that Kikuyus have been in power since independence. The truth is that these last five years of Kibak's presidency are the first time a Kikuyu has been in power in the last thirty years. Before then President Moi, a Kalenjin, was in power for 24 years, where he ruled with a dictatorial iron fist before the worldwide push for multi-party democracy helped push him out of power. Indeed, there was only one previous Kikuyu president, Jomo Kenyatta, who reigned for only 14 years after independence.

Yet another lie that was peddled to the other non-Kikuyu tribes by Raila,and subsequently picked up by the press, is that Kikuyus hate Luos and will never let Luo into power. This is not true. The articles by Ng'weno clearly recalled that in the pre and post independence days,Raila's father , Jaramogi Odinga, had a countrywide following that included Kikuyus.

ODM and Raila Odinga's role in the current ethnic cleansing

The background above is what has brought us up to this situation. Raila Odinga exploited the above sentiments to gain support of xenophobic opinion leaders from Rift Valley and Coast provinces. Raila Odinga has never been for Majimbo but he changed his stand a few weeks to election to get the support of William Ruto (hails from the Kalenjin group of tribes), Najib Balala (Coast Province), and William Ole Ntimama (led the 1992 and 1997 ethnic cleansing).

The election results are just an excuse used to execute a preconceived genocide. It is a shame then when Raila Odinga justifies acts of genocide by claiming that those engaging in the crimes are "peacefully" protesting against a rigged election. He has asked the president to step down if he wants the killings stop.

Today I read a chilling report on the Los Angeles Times on the systematic genocide going on in Kenya. Even more chilling was the video of a man being slashed to death. It reminded me of Rwanda and not Kenya -a country where we once lived in peace, love and unity. The newspater quotes a Raila supporter saying:

"We are slaughtering them and we will keep on slaughtering them," said one young protester, Gabriel Okelo, who got up at six and walked nine miles from the outskirts of the city to march in support of Odinga.

As the political violence worsens, tribal fighting and tit-for-tat killings have been going on in Nairobi's slums and in other towns.

Okelo said he killed two people with a machete for the first time Wednesday because "When you are angry, it's easy. If they refuse our president, Raila Odinga to address the rally, it will happen again. We shall slaughter the Kikuyus. It will go on and on and on, in all parts of the country."

By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer 7:19 AM PST, January 3, 2008,0,4416543.story?coll=la-home-world

When the violence started the media made an initial mistake of not correctly identifying the perpetrators. The people who were shot in Kisumu (Odinga's home and stronghold) were shot by security forces because they were engaging in looting.The media missed the fact that before the looting, these ODM/Luo activists had first killed Kikuyu businessmen resident in the city. The more affluent Asians had already left before the elections or by air as soon as tensions started.

It is only with the church massacre in Eldoret that the media has realised that it is defenseless Kikuyus who are being killed by Luos and Kalenjins supporting Raila Odinga. It is also worth noting that the violence in the big towns is restricted to the slum areas. These are the people who had been promised heaven by Raila,who had also demonised Kibaki as the reason these poor people were stuck in poverty. Political analysts had easily pointed that he was promising more than he could deliver, but he did so selfishly to get their votes.

The following quote from Reuters doesn't show a people who are protesting the election results but a people who are out to commit genocide.

"As black smoke billowed overhead, one crowd waved machetes and yelled "Death to Kikuyus". Young boys swigged looted beer.

"We have just started. We will loot all Kikuyu shops and kill them on sight," said Richard Ondigi, 23, a driver.

There are many reports like these.

In an action reminiscent of the Rwanda, Kalenjin Raiders who are supporting Raila Odinga and the local MP William Ruto (promised to be Prime Minister- a post that currently does not exist in the constitution) torched a church killing more than 50 Kenyans mainly from the Kikuyu tribe.

Raila is yet to talk about the Eldoret massacre. He has denied a instigating a genocide saying, "The security forces are shooting people on sight. It is Kibaki that should be blamed.",,2233890,00.html

The propaganda on Raila Odinga's website seeking to create chaos within the army. Similar rumors were circulated within the armed forces. (click to enlarge)

Until yesterday, the Raila campaign website carried rumors that the Army and Police chiefs had quit. This information has been on the site for more than 3 days. The site had also carried rumors that the Electoral Commission chief had been killed. All this was meant to rally Raila Odinga's supporters and create anarchy. (I can provide saved HTML web pages).

In light of the military precision that the raids in Rift Valley were carried out, one can't help but wonder why the government had taken no action when Raila Odinga's photo inspecting a guard of honor , albeit un-armed, in Nakuru a few months ago. Inspection of guards of honor has traditionaly been the preserve of the disciplined forces not civilians.These are possibly the dogs of war that were let lose in Rift Valley.

(Photo was carried by the Daily Nation)

Raila Odinga, William Ruto and Najib Balala have the power to order their supporters to stop the genocide but they are not ready to. They think that the killings will earn them political capital but that is not going to be the case.
The international community needs to look carefully at the historical data that led us to this.

We should not excuse those committing the genocide by simply pointing out at the election results. In Kenya we have a saying that loosely translates: "the raging river that you see was once made up of streams."


Anonymous said...

Let's keep this page for when all is said and done, the Kenyan people will demand justice against all these leaders. We have watched helplessly as Raila spoke about "black apartheid" and we laughed it away. He spoke about "adui" and we laughed it away. He spoke about "our stolen reosurces" and we laughed it away. And he spoke out on "the only acceptable outcome" and we sneered. Here we are now, as leaders fight over what was clearly a split vote. Even if Raila had been declared the winner, he would have done so with a questionable margin.
Why can't out leaders now accept that people are suffering/dying, be big enough to accept the country is bigger than their ambitions?

Mbithe said...

I really admire you taking your time to write all this and putting a quote at the start of the email "read this with an open mind"...which I did. Just one question to you...have u done the same????? This entire article is one sided trying to make Raila Odinga out to be the cause of all the problems that are going on in Kenya, and trying to make Kibaki out as a saint.Do not be mistaken to think that I am a Luo or Kisii etc. I am a kamba. Just a few corrections I need you to adjust in your article as you do not seem to be informed about a lot of things you are writing. KRA collects taxes from all provinces and has a tally to determine which regions of the country paid more/less tax. How I know this???It was part of my job to do the tallying for the regions...and yes! Central provinces taxes were ALWAYS less than other regions although the most amount of money had been pumped into this region. I have worked in different governmental agencies over the years and I can inform you firsthand that Kikuyus dominate them and would crawl in their skins if they say s'one from another tribe be promoted instead of one of their own. I was lucky because my family name is Munge. So they thought I was kikuyu as i knew how to speak kikuyu as well. And yes, a kikuyu would rather die than have a luo rule him.Look at all the african countries that have gone through civil war....reason....some tribe never wanted to let go of power and would rather rigg elections, to stay in power. But people in these countries knew that the only way they would not be 'sat on' is if they fought. People died for the right reasons and made their countries a better place for future generations. That is what a country comes to when an individual is so hungry to stay in power and in the end his community suffers. The 'ethnic cleansing' that is going on is just a tip of the iceberg. More innocent kikuyus will be hacked to death, displaced and burnt in churches where they are seeking refuge simply because one of their own felt it is more important to remain in power than give another community a chance. I am sad as to what my country has come to. To all my Kikuyu and Luo friends in Rift Valley and Nairobi, be safe and we are praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

l think that all the problems that we are now seeing in Kenya stem from a lack of transparency. Seems to me that there may have been rigging on both sides. Until there is transparency, we shall continue to have these problems.

It is interesting to note that Kibaki's V.P. and numerous Cabinet Ministers lost at the polls. Are the Kenyan people trying to say something???

Anonymous said...

If ODM/Raila were truly robbed of the election, what means do they have to redress the situation? Is it possible for the ECK results to be nullified

mrtrate said...

It statements like this one made by Mbithe that are perpetuating an already heightened situation. And I quote "The 'ethnic cleansing' that is going on is just a tip of the iceberg. More innocent kikuyus will be hacked to death, displaced and burnt in churches where they are seeking refuge simply because one of their own felt it is more important to remain in power than give another community a chance". This is the kind of statement that lets you know that this is not a person with an open mind necessarily.. I think that the original post and whatever else is posted by people will always have a bias toward can and will truly be impartial..not when family and friends are dying..

Having said that - I think we are all dwelling on the past...we need to ask ourselves - how do we go forward? It is clear that Kenya is evenly divided. Why do I say that? Look at the election results...even without rigging and ballot fixing..we all know that mostly the results were even down the middle. So- removing Kibaki and installing Raila WILL NOT WORK...What is needed is the two leaders to sit at a mediation table and talk. BUT eve before they do that - THEY BOTH need to stand up an renounce the violence. I am pretty sure that neither want to go down in history as despots who ruined the most stable nation that side of the Sahara. As long violence is perpetuated by BOTH sides..Kenya our beloved nation cannot truly come to a place of peace. Let's figure out how we can save OUR country as Kenyans...not squabble and fight as tribes...DIVIDED WE FALL...UNITED WE STAND!!!

Anonymous said...

l am told that when Narc was formed to force Moi out of power, Raila was promised that he would be made the Prime Minister. A promise that was never fulfilled. If that is so, how can we realistically expect that Kibaki and Raila can in good faith hold talks???

Mbithe said...

now if there is someone with an open mind in this post I'd have to say it is anonymous...."Raila was promised that he would be made the Prime Minister. A promise that was never fulfilled. If that is so, how can we realistically expect that Kibaki and Raila can in good faith hold talks???" From the begining the leaders from this (kikuyu) community have spread lies as to how they would develop the entire nation only to find that they "developed their parts" only. Lies that if other communities helped them win power from Moi they would divide the positions equally...only to see them go back on their word and appoint the old GEMA people, some of whom were never voted for into office. How are we to trust them yet again..???as I said before, this is a community that will pay for the mistakes of its leaders....Its a pity

Sipola said...

Kenyans have, for a long time, chosen to be silenced and "peaceful" while accepting the status quo. These riots and scenes of violence indicate that Kenyans are fed up with lies and leaders who don't care for the country or its people. In 2002, Democratic elections unified a country into ousting a tyrannical government. They definitely don't want to relive another 24 years of Moi-style rule. To rig an election is to spit on the intelligence of kenyans. At the expense of peace, it seems people want the freedom to vote and speak their minds. What use is peace when you remain poor and when corruption allows the rich to get richer and the common man to keep struggling. People felt empowered and got a taste of freedom following the 2002 elections. No one will take that freedom away from them this time.

Mayaka said...

To those supporting the genocide,

You can make all the excuses in the world as to why innocent Kikuyu, Kisii, Kamba, Meru, Embu etc are being hacked to death. One thing that remains true is that these innocent Kenyans have nothing to do with allocation of funds, government appointments etc.

Kisii, Kamba, Meru and Embu have never produced a president. Why kill them?

The government proposes a budget that it presents to parliament. Parliament aproves or dismisses it. Tell me one time that parliament has said no to plans to allocate 90% of Kenya's revenue to Kikuyus.

Adolf Hitler used the excuse that Jews had dominated the business scene in Europe. He went on to slaughter millions.

There is no excuse to killing innocent Kenyans. None!

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that because we have ODM incited violence, we are forgetting that the election was quite possibly stolen from ODM. While the violence must definitely stop, it should be immediately followed clarification/recount of the vote. The recount should have total transparency with representatives of all concerned parties and international observers to ensure the transparency. Failure to do that, as Sipola puts it, would be spitting on the intelligence of Kenyans!

oketch said...

Mayake it seems you have been asleep for a long time.....wake up and smell the coffee.....kenyans are tired and if it means for people to be killed so that in the end we have peace, so be it!!!

Anonymous said...


With ODM having an overwhelming majority in bunge, it will be interesting to see if we kikuyus continue to get allocated the lions share of Kenyan revenue.

Bwana Oketch....Do you remember Rwanda? l am told that Kikuyus are been killed and the kikuyus are in turn retaliating. Where, when, and why does it stop. Bwana Oketch, when, where, and why???

Anonymous said...

It appears that one Mr. Mbithe is rejoicing the death of innocent kenyans, and even goes ahead to say more will continue to die. Sir, i have no words for you. Just imagine if it was your children or your wife??? please dont be so careless with your words, they might turn back to you, though you appear not to care.
God please heal our country from this tribal hatred.

Anonymous said...

In the holy Bible, In the book of Obadiah, one of the minor prophets, Edom a certain tribe acts as God's whip for Israelites. But Obadiah highlights that Edom was gladly paid by Heavenly father.

It doesn't matter to what heights the Kenyan's will carry out the ethinic cleansing on a certain tribe. All i can promise them is that God is watching to revenge on behalf of the tribe being evicted.

I call upon the suffering to desist fighting back and wait for their Lord. For He is coming to their rescue and pay back for their oppressors.

Peace i pray that God may grant us.


Anonymous said...

Sad as it may, lets hope that Kenyans learn a lesson and pray for the recovery of our nation. Raila said just after losing the elections that "democracy is expensive". He ignited the fire and fanned it and he enjoyed the publicity of it all and of course blamed it all on Kibaki. He was thirsty for power and never wanted to admit he was defeated. What has Raila done for this poor people in the slums since he has been in parliament? what would he do for them if he became president? NOTHING ! NOTHING AT ALL. All he wants is to be called "President Odinga" Rigging was on both sides Raila ,like it or not' you rigged too. Raila, Ruto should be tried for genocide in Kenya. Lets push for this leaders to be tried for genocide, thats the justice we can now do for the children who are lying innocently in the morgues. The mothers and children who were burned in the church, the displaced families and the innocent men and women who were slashed to death not forgetting the people whose properties were destroyed. Raila you didn't have to go through this route to be heard. We know you lost, 50% of the people didn't vote for you is that so hard to accept. Raila do you think you can force the existing president to step down by letting your people destroy other innocent Kenyans? you need to think again.

km said...

Damn! Anonymous - wewe ndio nani? Maneno yote ambye nimesoma hape, wewe tu, ndiye naunga mkono. Nikweli - sote tuna makosa. Swali langu ni hi - makosa yata rekebishwage????

Anonymous said...

My brothers and sisters. We can argue, debate and deliberate all we want, but fact is, God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Instead of touting those doing it as a form of punishment to the 'oppressors', we should be praying for them because very soon, God will visit His judgement upon them. Brethren, this is beyond Raila, Kibaki, Ruto, its about the battle of evil and good and we all know that God will win this one. I pray that we are not caught on the wrong side when based on our words. Remember, Kenya will live beyond you, what legacy are you leaving for your children, what seeds are you planting with your words? Please, remember that you may be living outside that country, but that is rock from which you were hewn, pray for it, pray for its people because a few generations from now, those people you hate, could be the people your daughters, your sons, your grandchildren will become a part. People of Kenya, pray and repent.

abroad said...

i feel so bad to see innocent children loosing their lives; people who were born like you and me, seeing their lives being cut short by 'hooligans'; people who dont know the price of life. the blood that they shed will always cry in your mind forever and ever and it will also give you no comfort all the days of your life!!
After Kenya regains peace, because it will pretty soon,what are you going to be telling others you killed for? Money, justice, jealousy,..? neither of these answers have nothing to do with those children. Woe is to us, far far away.

Anonymous said...

The merciless burning of defenseless women and children at the assemblies of God church in Eldoret, the barricades on the Eldoret-Nakuru road, the attempted ethnic cleansing of students from certain communities at baraton university and the brutal murders, rape and maiming of innocent wananchi in ODM constituencies are the handiwork of one William Ruto and his murderous militia that has been targeting innocent women, children and men on the basis of which community they come from. In Kuseroi, Zackayo Cheruiyot (ODM) has been working with Ruto's financing and militia to annihilate communities he felt would vote against him, in Mt. Elgon, Fred Kapondi (ODM) has been working hard at ethnic cleansing with the Sabaot Land Defence Force - a Ruto financed militia - murdering innocent wananchi to ensure Serut's defeat at the ballot box. Ruto is beyond evil, in 1992 and 1997 he rigged the elections for Moi when he was KANU's director for elections, tday he hypocritically cries about being rigged against while his militias carry out ethnic cleansing. In 2002, the electoral commission of kenya warned Ruto of consequences for incitement and vote buying. Why is the targetting of Kikuyu's, Kisii's, Kamba's, Meru's and Embu's mainly occuring in constituencies where the Pentagon are Members of Parliament. The sad news is that this was all planned ahead of time, indeed had Raila been President the killings would still have taken place, but they would have been worse as Ruto would have employed every trick in the book to that ensure ethnic cleansing was in top gear after having deployed his militia and incited unemployed poor youths. Raila's pact with the devil will surely come to haunt him for the rest of his life whether he attains the Presidency or not.

mkenya said...

I agree with you men, better one week than 5 years of violence. Thank God it could have been worse if the power hungry, uncaring, evil took power. God works things for the best of those who love him. And further more he has a reason for everything. We may have been taking our peace for granted all along but am Glad God is a God of a second chance.

Internet librarian said...

Most presidents after clinching power they taste power hence arrogance and dictatorship. Kibaki is pretending to be Kenyas President when actually Raila Odinga ousted him and now he is using his powers of president to impose himself on people.We have a poor constitution .

He can't even explain it himself! Raila Odinga has 100 ODM party parliament seats while his loose coalition of many small small parties could only afford 36 seats. As if not enough his former cabinet was all voted out including vice president and when the country was striking the guy retreatred to statehouse for a night swearing in ceremony. The guests were senior military officers and all his last poll rejected cabinet and the worst is they were in a rush that they dint raise Kenyan flag or even sing national anthem! Plus no diplomant was present.what a shame to Kenya when we thought they were more democratic than other african countries. The worst still is that Electoral commissioner Samuel Kivuitu declared him president under siege despite concrete evidence of inflated figures for Kibaki and he later confessed that he did not know if Kibaki won.He has finally admitted to having his officers altering results and inflating them infact in 48 central constituencies the voters were estimated as 150 percent for Kibaki

Anonymous said...

There is no hope of getting justice in the Kenyan courts. The chief justice himself and the attorney general presided over an illegal swearing in ceremony. Even if Kibaki won, the constitution provides for a 48hr period after announcement of election results for all complaints to be lodged with the ECK and a necessary re-tallying done within 72 hours. The chief justice has installed an illegal president and therefore we cannot expect much from him.

Anonymous said...

Cursed are those who bays for the blood of the innocent for they will never find no rest lest they repent. Cursed are they leaders who propagate violence and genocide in the pretext of seeking democracy."The house of God shall be called the house of prayer by all nations" but not a battlefield to settle political scores. To my Kikuyu brothers & sisters:"repay no evil for evil, for God is your keeper".

Anonymous said...

To my Luo freinds: by resulting to violence everytime you have an ideological difference with someone is really pitiful. Every time there is political riots, ksm take the lead & by watching telly one cannot help to note the faces of those rioting in mombasa, nrb, Eldoret & kericho bear some origin from Nyanza or Western. Do not be deceived: there lies no political solutions to all your problems. You need to be enterprising and start a business rather than waits for government jobs.

Anonymous said...

Do not be deceived: Your are individually responsible for the blood you shed in the name of democracy. Democracy cannot subtitute humanity & Godliness. Democracy is a western ideology used by the west to justify massacres in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambondia, Lao, eastern Europe and the middle east. Holy is the house of God and Raila and his 'hackmen' shall dearly pay for what happenned in Eldoret, Ksm and other parts of the country. Those innocent kenyans who you slaughtered in your fanatical quest for power has nothing to do with election rigging( which was perpetuated by ODM more than PNU). The blood of those women and children who died as a result of your political gangsterism shall hount you and your fanatics for ever. And to you innocent kikuyus: Do not revenge for God is true and fair. Keap peace.

km said...

SOLUTIONS, SOLUTIONS, SOLUTIONS!! It is all very informative to hear how evil ODM is and what is happening but, in looking at the future, how does this mess get resolved? If we claim to be a democratic state, democracy demamds that that the people freely and trasparenting elect who they want and as Kenyan people we should embrace the freely elected President regardless of what tribe he/she may come from. This Luo, Kikuyu, Embu, Kalenjin.... nonsense is the reason we are where we are today. The fact that l am Kikuyu is quite secondary. Kenya has to come before me. As long as the elections are free and fair - it don't matter who is elected freely and fair. As long as democracy survives, those that don't the election results can redress the situation in 5yrs!

Mkenya said...

While people continue to play the blame game, there never will be a reason good enough to excuse the killings of innocent Kenyans. As of today (Jan 7th) the number of those dead is over 600 and over a quarter million have been displaced from their homes and what they regarded as their communities. Are Nairobi, Central and Eastern province large enough to settle these masses? Did Raila think about that when inciting his supporters to violence? The fact is, this is just the biginning of larger troubles to come for Kenya. The violence need to end immediately and Kenyans need to return to their homes without fear of being killed. Raila need to stop asking the president to step down. How is the resignation going to resolve the issues in Kenya? By doing so, he is helping to fuel more violence by his supporters. Kibaki on the other hand need to take resposibility for his actions and ensure safety to all Kenyans. My dear Kenyans; now you know what your leaders are made of, its time to hold them accountable for their actions.

michael o'brien said...

Ive been reading the comments on the blog and have one thing to say...anonymous.....would you shut the FUCK up!!!!.your holy than thou attitude is really getting to my nerve....i am a neutral american that was born and brought up in nairobi.....and all i have to say to you all is that whats happening is real and you all need to wake up and smell the roses as this will keep going on for what the colonial "homeguards" translation - kikuyu did to their brothers and sisters in other communities

Sipola said...

Its been interesting reading from everyone. Its apparant that we all have some tribalism/racism in all of us. I dont forsee any resolution to this problem. Certainly, we can pray all we want, but we lack the necessary humility and compassion to forget our tribal affiliation. I am tanzanian married to a Kenyan and its interesting to note the immediate affiliation to tribes in Kenya vs true nationalism and patriotism. We talk of Raila's people and Kikuyus as if they comprise the entire Kenya.
I dont remember hearing that voting for Mwai Kibaki in 2002 was voting for a Kikuyu. Why was it such a big deal this time? For the kikuyus on this panel, be honest with yourself, do you vote indiscriminatorily, do you see yourself as Kikuyu first and Kenyan second? Can you really vote for a presidential candidate that is Luo or Kalenjin etc if the presidential seat is being contested by a Kikuyu? And vice versa can Luos do the same.
Are we able to look at the facts and be impartial? And if we can, can't we agree that Kenya's economic achievements in the last 5years have benefitted a few people. I think thats what Kenyans are fighting for. No one tribe should be able to veto someone else's vote. Haven't revolutions been fought by the poor against social injustice. Should Kenya be any different.

Sick and Tired said...

I have just 3 comments to make;

1) I am sick and tired of both Luo's and Kikuyu's attacking each other and acting like they are the only tribes that exist in Kenya! Granted they maybe the majority but for Christ sake there are other 40 other tribes that are suffering in the midst of your tribal bashing and cleansing! GEt off your high horses and realize this is Kenya for us all! Such self-absorbed idiots!!

2) I supported Raila's quest for presidency coz I was hoping for change after Kibaki's henchmen took over the presidency...particularly aftet the referendum. However, I have to admit that both leaders have dissapointed Kenyans greatly. Due to their inflated, testesterone filled, pride and self-worth, they've maintained a stale-mate whilst innocent wananchi sufer! If a leaders pride and craving of power/presidency blinds them to death and desolation of their community then they cease to be leaders in my book. Both Kibaki and Odinga can go rot in hell for all I care!!

3. "Majiboism" sounded like a very promising concept when it was first presented. It does have potential for great development BUT Kenyans are not ready for it obviously! MAJIBOISM to many will be interpreted as TRIBALISM. We have light years to fully grasp this concept. Raila should have realized this. If what we are seeing is a sneak preview of what Majiboism-proposers had in mind, I shudder to imagine just where Kenya would be headed to if this was implemented. Frankly Raila and ODM have dissapointed me.

Kenyans, when will we wake up and realize that we are all the same people??? The world looks and laughs at those "stupid Africans at it again" as we portray savage, stone-age, undeveloped tribalistic tendancies that don't mean nothing in this day and age. Trust me, nobody beyond our borders can differentiate a Luo from a Kikuyu from a Kisii, from a Mijikenda and yet we kill each other in the name of tribalism? At least when our ancestors did it, they brought home spoils of war, herds of cattle and brides to marry....what do we have to show for the murders!

Like I said, I am just sick and tired of all the fighting!!!

Anonymous said...

People we cant solve any problem by hiding from who we are. It is very important to accept the fact that we are all from different tribes. There is nothing wrong with that, who was ever asked to make that choice? So,yes am Ukuyu living in Kenya. We can only solve our problems by moving on and not looking back - our history is so messed up, I dont think any tribe can stand up and say, yes we have been 'saints' all through the years. LET US CONCENTRATE ON BUILDING KENYA FOR OUR CHILDREN, BY SWALLOWING OUR PRIDE, HATRED AND ARROGANCE.

Anonymous said...

michael o'bien? an independent american living in Kenya? Do not insult my intelligence. your biasness gives me a clue to your ethnicity, your choice of words indicates lack of respect. 'michael o'brien'.... anonymous says the truth. God is watching...

gm said...

I am stunned and stupefied by the arrogance and stupidity of any kenyan who thinks that having a president from his ethnic tribe will make any difference in his ordinary life.Neither Raila nor kibaki will bring any kenyan a plate of food or even give a roof over your head leave alone offering you a Job.Kibaki and Raila and all the high ranking politicians have so much in their accounts that no ordinary kenyan living in Kibera or farming in the riftvalley can even dream of.All these politicians want is more and more caring very little about the ordinary kenyan.If they cared, they would agree to increase their benefits as MP's.I wish I could slap some sense into my fellow kenyans.

Concerned Kenyan said...

Oketch and Micheal o'brien Shame on you and the likes of you. Its because of shallow minded bustards like you that Kenya is where it is today. What did innocent Children do to deserve such savage end to their lives? It may be someone else's turn to cry today but tomorrow it may well be you. Be careful what you wish on others because what you might not know is: what goes around comes around.

kiongozi said...

I thank the writer for taking time to write the truth. There are some people who have been spreading lies across the country that Kibaki rigged the election. We need peace in this country. Raila'a lies must be wiped out; cleaned out and let the truth prevail.

Anonymous said...

My fellow Kenyans, Please remember, in 20 years.... Raila will be Dead.... So will be Kibaki, Michuki, Ntimama etc, but kenya will live on..... that is the most important thing. We are a nation, a nation of diverse views and many many tribes. We must not let our present and our future be dictated by very greedy politicians. All this mayhem is because of a poliical fight, I guarantee that in 6 months time, you will see a smiling Raila, greeting a Smiling Kibaki at one function or the other.What then for the dead???? who will console the children??? who will counsell the women who have been raped, and watched thier daughters raped??? will it be Raila?? Kibaki?? Ruto?? i think not. We must pray. we must shun violence, and we must see our leadership for what it is...... USELESS!!!!

mkenya said...

Somebody must have removed my posted comment. It may have been bitter but I will once more repeat one or more sentences for those who want to listen.
I read most comments and my observation is that they have a very strong leaning towards Kibaki. PLease don't mistake me. I am neither kikuyu nor luo. I can assure you that the comments of our kikuyu brothers make us sick. They never see evil in one of their own. I had asked to be told if they have ever voted outside central province. I am still waiting for the answer. In 1992, they voted to the last man for Matiba, in 1997, they voted to the last man for Kibaki, in 2002 they voted to the last man for Ohuru and Kibaki. How do they expect kenyans to view them with such behavior? They can do more good to their president by keeping quiet because the more they talk the more they chase some of us away. If they indeed believe kibaki won, how could he get 45 mps only? You mean people wanted a president without mps? Hey wake up if we have to heal this country.

Mkenya Asili said...

Mkenya, I hear you. We must all work to end this tribalism. In 1992 Luos voted for Oginga 100%. In 1997 they voted 100% for Raila. In 2002 they voted 98% for Kibaki because Raila was not on the balot and had been promised a PM post by Kibaki. In 2007 they voted 100% for Raila. In 2008 they are killing people from tribes that they think did not vote 100% for Raila.

Mkenya said...

This is some bad stuff. Honestly, I thought kenyans were above this! The instigators should go to the ICJ for Genocide charges. Am signing this petition.

Anonymous said...

I was totally for Raila until on tue 8/01/2008. He apparently was interviewd live from nairobi by a ITV news london. How can he surely compare Eldoret masacre with Arsenal fans against Manu fans... and i quote ".."

Presenter:what do yu have to say abt the church that was burned killing 50 pple?

Raila: i dont support what happened but i like comparing politics with foootball matches... its like when u have Arsenal fans against the Manchester united fans......"

Presenter: there can never be a comparison with england footbal fans.....

fellow kenyans, such comments from a 'leader'is sooooo sickening.

Anonymous said...

I was totally for Raila until on tue 8/01/2008. He apparently was interviewd live from nairobi by a ITV news london. How can he surely compare Eldoret masacre with Arsenal fans against Manu fans... and i quote ".."

Presenter:what do yu have to say abt the church that was burned killing 50 pple?

Raila: i dont support what happened but i like comparing politics with foootball matches... its like when u have Arsenal fans against the Manchester united fans......"

Presenter: there can never be a comparison with england footbal fans.....

fellow kenyans, such comments from a 'leader'is sooooo sickening.

Anonymous said...

This Raila mess is going to cost Barack Obama his presidency. Raila is misusing Obama's name claiming to be Obama's cousin. Raila should carry his cross without pulling in Obama. Somebody need to tell Obama to delink himself from Raila Odinga.

wakim said...

It is very sad that the best raira could do is compare human masacre to a football match.He does not care about the loss of lives. Of course we know that this did not just happen. It was premeditated...

EPHRAIM said...

All i can say is "THANK YOU FOR OPENING MY EYE'S, MAY THE ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK PREPARING THIS ARTICLE/DOCUMENT/FINDINGS, the picture which you have painted clarifies all the romours,facts, thoughts amongst others, THE WORLD CURIOUS TO UNDERSTAND WHATS HAPPENING IN KENYA SHOULD READ THIS, now we can see in the DARK"

Thanks again,

Sincerely EPHRAIM

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that any Kenyan would want anything to do with both Raila and Kibaki.Kenya needs new presidential candidates; these two men have so many flaws and I believe that all they want is 'pesa mifukoni mwao' and power. They do not care about the Kenyans. If any of them did, then Kibaki would step down for the sake of his dying people. Whatever happened to the most stable and peaceful country in Africa? Even the international forces do not want to be involved because this matter is stupid and it can be easily resolved if the leaders would open their eyes. We are not just made up of tribes; We are Kenyans all as one and equal. Mungu tazama nchi yetu tuone huruma.

Anonymous said...

This tension going in Kenya is ridiculous! It is like a rich man's war but a poor man's fight. The citizens are the ones doing all the fighting while the bastards, seated fat in their high chairs are watching. Kibaki just needs to step down. His wife [a monster that he tames] is mentally ill and portrays a bad image.He is old and sick he cannot even speak a strong voice. Raila is just plain sick and disgusting. He has got to go too. Luos need to swallow their pride, arrogancy, and ego; They are the ones who show pure tribalism. Kenya is not made up of Luos and Kikuyus only [thanks to someone who stated that earlier and I agree]. We have Mijikendas, Taitas, Kisiis, Merus, Kalenjins, Wakamba, and sooo many more. These two bastards have got to go! waondolewe kabisa kazi yao ni kula pesa za watu wengine na kuumiza wana wa nchi sababu wana hamu na nguvu. Citizens of Kenya. Let us stop fighting! Let us unite and kick these two asses out!

Anonymous said...

I have read most commments here and I am really astonished that clearly, most people do not seem to accept that human lives are precious. No matter the rigging, which was clearly done by both sides, there is never any justification for killing innocent poeple. The Kikuyus outside central province exercised their rights in voting for Kibaki especially knowing that Raila's presidency was a threat to their excistence outside Central. Why do Luos want to cry Democracy and rig, we also seem to forget that Kikuyus make 23% and the Merus 8% of our population, add that to the Embu people and realise that they are well above One third of Kenyan population! I have not yet seen that representation in civil service or government, say 7-8 ministers in a 22 member cabinet, which would be fair if its all about numbers! You can only envy their enterprising spirit and unless the Luos and Kalenjins are willing to get into business they cannot sit and blame those who are.Why are the resources of Lake Victoria going to waste? Oh, Blame it on Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki! but not the Odinga Family who can buy a molasses plants and gas facilities but not invest in their own people, or is it that they don't trust their potential? The Luos must get rid of leaders who close doors to progress and elect those who will open the closed doors. right now the Luos are busy burning down Kisumu because Raila is not the president and I guess they will soon be blaming Kikuyus for lack of employment and services in that town. Finally and even more importantly, the Luos would be wise to know that Kikuyus are not cowards but peace lovers, they got the pride of leading the colonial war. I am sure that not many have fully contemplated what would happen if the Kikuyus felt the desire to respond in masses, are we really so ignorant that we can't see the threat of their potential? Raila and Ruto are miscalculating, they cannot win a game of force and the sooner they accept that the better for Kenya,
NB: I do not intend to paint Kikuyus as saints, However we must defferentiate the wrong of the elites from those of the masses and in that case the wrongs of Kikuyu elites are not those of their masses and are not unique to the tribe but to Kenyan elites most of who, thanks to population colonial history and hardwork, happen to be Kikuyus! Also note that my population percentages are obtained for Wikipedia online dictonary, Anybody is welcome to confirm and be informed. Peace to you all dear Kenyans.

Anonymous said...

Its absolutely ridiculous to prefer either Kibaki or Odinga over the other. The major problem is that no matter who gets to power in Kenya they are almost all corrupted and short-sighted. The fact is that the only decent minister kenya had had to flee to U.K.. They want power and money and they want it now. And the money they extort from the population is invested and used on western goods - which means that the riches do not trickle down through people in Kenya. Its not a tribal problem its a cultural problem. The major reason for most countries with problems bound in 2 things: Too large birthrate with dwindling resources and resource exploitation by powerful international organizations. Both of these will increase in the future unless massive family planning and a general change in peoples opinion that corruption is acceptable when its themselves that are in power.

Anonymous said...

Please,see what Kenyans have gone through here below with true interviews of survivors in Kenya.


The international media especially in the EU has taken an offensive position against our nation I am saddened that we have all fallen for the allure of ODMs "truths". The devil is hard at work and will do whatever necessary to turn the lord's people around. If u have read the details of **** Morris' Orange Revolution, this was an important step, conquer the media.
Then, ODM borrowed one more from Hitler’s own handbook, "lie, lie and top up your lies with more lies and it will become true!" In Meru where they claim results were cooked, the public, along with ODM agents were at the announcements of the votes tallied. For example in Nithi, the results that emerged were as stated by ECK. ODM agents signed the form 16 and verified form 16As from all polling stations. The total turn out was something like 95000 out of 126,000 which is a normal 75%.
Reports from Nithi indicate that people were not allowed to enter bars, matatus, and shops or even go home if they had no ink on their finger after voting! Meru came out in droves to vote! The reason: Raila was booed heckled and thrown out of Meru during campaigns. He then asked them why they did not vote Orange during referendum and then told them that they will cry in December. Meru is greatly angered by these statements and said that their weapon is their vote. Raila wanted to deny them that right. On the night that Kibaki was down 1 million votes, he had only tallied 185000/1.7m votes from Central and 85000 from Eastern. The delayed votes from Kibaki strong holds was part of a planned strategy. Many stations reported refusal by ODM agents to sign forms and multiple contest over results in parts of Central, Kisii, Eastern and Kikuyu Rift Valley.
Meanwhile, ODM flooded the ECK with their results from Rift and Luo Nyanza to create an artificial lead. The results from Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley as PNU agents, (at an important meeting with the ECK along with all other party agents, at 4am) found out had areas with 95% or even over 100% turnout and some polling stations where everyone voted!
Figures from the Daily Nation:
-Sigor 115%
-Eldoret North 116%
-Mosop 97%
-Emgwen 103%
-Baringo N 92%
-Narok South 120%
-Bondo 102%
-Kisumu Rural 120%
-Karachuonyo 94%
-Rangwe 92%
-Ndhiwa 93%
-Nyatike 95%
-Mbita 95%

Highest in both central and Eastern is Othaya: 90%. Dear Kenyans, Evaluate the rigging claims for yourselves! Meaning that even the dead, the unborn and the terminally ill in hospitals voted in Luo Nyanza and Rift Valley! Trust PNU to be fast asleep as this happened at the polling stations! At that meeting, ODM realized that from this audit, upon revisiting all the 210 constituencies with all the relevant documentation that Kibaki had won. Despite all their rigging and tribal inferences, ODM were out! Ruto rushed to deliver word to Raila who went to a press conference late morning. He came out before results were released and said that he does not want to pull off an Abiola (Research on Abiola) and does not want to resort to turning Kenya into an Ivory Coast ! He implied he would not accept defeat of any sort.

He also told his supporters to be calm until the announcement. This was to give them a signal to cause chaos upon announcement. Later, Raila walked into KICC guerilla style. He walked thru the plenary hall where everyone else was seated and stormed into the ECKs private chambers. With his entourage, they blockaded the ECK from leaving the room to announce results! This took place for hours all the time he was coercing the ECK to do what he wanted. When it wouldn’t work he went outside to address a press conference rejecting anything that the ECK would announce!
Upon his re-entry into the plenary hall ECK arrived and Kivuitu began his announcement of the results from molo. Kibaki led in that constituency. Raila himself literally converged on Kivuitu as Ruto began to involve himself in physical confrontation. GSU had to step in and escort the ECK out as Ngilu tried to grab onto Kivuitu and stop him from leaving. Why was everyone including the media get thrown out? Some press members comprised a large group of hecklers that were a big part of the planned ODM chaos. They had to be removed! ECK went to the VIP room and with official observers and KBC announced the result.
Another question, why did the ECK take so long to announce even when they knew the winner? First, delayed results, second, ODM interference. The third thing is here. While the agents were at the ECK for the meeting last night, the results were apparent and Kibaki had won. His agents reported back to him. Kibaki asked ECK to stall the announcement so as to allow for the army to assemble at the barracks and go into red alert as well as to position the police countrywide! This also allowed time for the CJ to be taken to statehouse early. A vacuum at such a time could result in military rule if there is civil strife! Kibaki was thus quickly sworn in. Raila also wanted to call on a million plus supporters to stream into Uhuru Park where he would be pronounced president and sworn in separately. The govt took action. It blocked all live broadcasts to avert this coup attempt.
The lack of media has enabled the govt to keep out inflammatory messages that will cause worse strife. Kikuyu in Eldoret have been killed like nonsense. In Kisii migori, after the results came out, ten people killed in less than 15 mins. In Rift, Kalenjins are killing each other. In one estate they burnt house after house while throwing people out into the street and killing them. A friend's house was in that estate. Her whole family, kalenjins, regretted voting for Raila and giving him the mandate to cause chaos. She said that it might be her last day as all her neighbors were out on the street dead! Kikuyu homes and businesses have been burnt to a crust in all slums. The Luo have destroyed their own home in Kisumu and now Kibera is all on fire! All this for the selfish ambitions of Raila! He called them out as he followed **** Morris strategy to the letter!
Kenyans chose Kibaki. He is a national figure! He had over 25% in 7 provinces and even 17% in Nyanza and Raila had that in only 6 provinces and in central and eastern he had just 2% and 5% respectively. Most impressively Kibaki got a large tally of votes in Western, North Eastern and Coast! We need to unite at this time to refuse militant rulers in our country who refuse to follow the rule of law and will take power by force. He blatantly dismissed the laws of Kenya in Sunday morning's press conference by saying he does not care for the courts and will not set foot there to settle his grievances! He has chosen to use force and the blood of Kenyans to seize power! We refuse! We pray against it! He cannot deny us 10 million Kenyans who turned up, stood for seven and a half hours and even lost our IDs to exercise our constituitional right!

We are here and we are together as peace loving KENYANS. Join us in solidarity. We love Kenya too much to see such abuse of our laws and unity! As for the EU, I take a stand to publicly denounce them. Their comments are based on their own selfish vested interests in this country. The fact of the matter which u all know is that the EU has been a loser throughout the five years Kibaki has ruled! They have lost billions of Euros in trade to the Far East and they are not happy about that at all.

* Fact: Kenya engages with China for a large majority of its trade which was previously monopolized by the EU.
* Fact: Kenya has given over 90% of all its contracts to China for infrastructure!
* Fact: Kenya is no longer dependent on the donor funding to draw up its budget! Kenya relies on local revenues for 95% of its budget with the other meagre 5% shared out between donor funds from China, EU and US. In comparison Tanzania and Uganda draw up 78% and 88% respectively of their budgets from donor funding. The donor community is full of sharks that use donor money to siphon trillions out of their own economies!
* Fact: Kenya has been the torch bearer for the rights of African and Pacific nations to have fair and unbridled trade with the EU. They are making ALOT of progress. EU has gained nothing from Kibaki's administration and wants him to go! They want us eating out of their hands like we did in Moi's time. This is neo-colonialism! Divide and conquer. It has happened in too many African countries for us to be blind here in Kenya ! We refuse EU control of our Nation! They want to turn us against ourselves so as to take strategic positions in the process. They are looking for ethnic cleansing and genocide to overrule Kenya . Never!
Kenyans, open your eyes, the war is not within but with those around us!

A globally reputed prophet had on the morning of September 30th 2007, foretold on his website that President Mwai Kibaki would be re-elected(among other 30 highlights on Kenya) Many who saw the posting brushed him aside, he had also foretold of chaos after the we just cannot ignore him any more.
In the prophesy posted on the link, the prophet remains optimistic that Kenyans will recover from the current crisis and that the nation will have more airlines, a booming tourism industry and great development projects.
He says that the military and the police will play a key role in containing the current crisis and will succeed in restoring order.
Here are some of the highlights:
1. The Upcoming Presidential Elections: "President Mwai Kibaki will be re-elected as Kenya ’s President on December 27, 2007. My Hand is upon him to produce continued development and reformation in Kenya over the next five years, says the Lord!
2. Parliament: Changes are coming in your Parliament.
3. Crime and Law Enforcement: I will arrange a great increase in law enforcement in your nation beginning in this next season. Crime will be dealt with severely; and it will decrease greatly and even be eradicated in certain sectors in the coming season!
4. Conflicts, Violence and Unrest: I saw three Visions of clashes: 1) The first conflict I saw was involving the Mungiki. I saw men in military uniforms going in against these criminals to foil them. This happened swiftly thereafter. 2) I saw tribal-clashes. (Kuresoi?). 3) Then I saw a horrible scene of social unrest ~ resulting in violence and rioting in the streets. (The post election menace?) I then saw your military and police going out forcefully to stop those causing these violent eruptions.
10. ODM: In the first week of March 2007, God said that the ODM ‘opposition-party,’ would be put into derision, and that they would be ‘split-up.’ Some weeks later, reports hit the national headlines that Kenyatta was leaving; Raila would have his own ODM; and Kilonzo would head his own ODM-Kenya.

11. Embarrassment in Raila Camp: "Some things will come out from behind the scenes in October and November, 2007 that will ‘discredit’ Mr. Raila in the eyes of many. He will not rise again fully in his ‘popularity’ after this, says the Lord!" (I guess MOU with Islamists; **** Morris saga; Nazlin’s confessions; majimbo; safaricom deal to Americans etc)
12. Election Polls: The tide of the election-polls will turn; and the two front-running candidates will come to an ‘even-point!’ Then, the Election will go the way God has ordained!
13. Ousting from the President’s Cabinet: On May 29, 2007, God said that ‘a couple’ of leaders from within the President’s Cabinet would be ousted because of their defection within the ranks (I guess Ngilu, Koech????).

THOSE who voted for Kibaki are NOT KENYANS?
The impression created by the term "Kenyans have spoken" is that only those who supported a certain candidate are Kenyans. My understanding is that those who voted for Hon. Odinga - the MP-elect for Langata, are Kenyans. I am further of the understanding that those who voted for President Kibaki and MP-elect for Othaya are Kenyans.

I am even further convinced beyond doubt that another 20+ million people in Kenya who did not vote for either of the two are Kenyans too.

Even if Hon. Odinga got one vote, while President Kibaki got 17 Million votes that one vote for Odinga is from a Kenyan. If President Kibaki got one vote and Mr. Odinga got 10 million, that one vote for Kibaki is from a Kenyan.

It is this kind of selective application of terms and situations that is in part fueling the animosity we are seeing.

We are hearing of rigging elections by President Kibaki, but we are not being told why Mr. Odinga's brother - Mr. Oburu Odinga, was elected in a constituency that returned a 102% voter turnout. A 102% voter turnout is rigging, my friends. Rigging is rigging.

Mr. Odinga is a Kenyan and his supporters are Kenyans. President Kibaki is a Kenyan, and his supporters are Kenyans.
The most pressing thing right now is for leaders in both sides of the divide to realize that life is so sacred, that there is no ambition whatsoever that is worth killing people over. How would Hon. Odinga and President Kibaki feel if those were their children, sisters, brothers, mothers or fathers that were burned while taking refuge in a church from FELLOW KENYANS?

The time is NOW for Hon. Odinga to go on national TV and radio and categorically tell his KENYAN supporters to cease the wanton taking of lives and destruction of property. The buck stops with him. It is his supporters (and those loaned to him by Ruto) that are rioting and committing genocide.
The latest genocide
Case 1
Patrick is a Kikuyu businessman from Eldoret, where at least 50 people were burned to death as they were seeking refuge in a church. He, his wife, his six children and a few other members of his immediate family fled Eldoret earlier today.

Here's what he had to say about the situation in Eldoret and in Kenya as a whole...

What was the situation when you left?
The situation in Eldoret is pathetic. It is systematic annihilation of a tribe, in my opinion. It actually took God to make it to the airport. Along the way, we were attacked by the Kalenjin warriors but through God’s grace and because we had requested a police escort, we barely made it through. But in the convoy that we were in, we almost lost one car. But through God’s grace, we made it to the airport. It’s been hell. I can say that.

When did you know you had to leave?
Actually, we knew that we would have wanted to have stayed because we were born and bred in Eldoret. My parents moved into Eldoret way back in 1940. So we don’t know anywhere else as home, apart from that place.

But when we realized that this had moved from the ODM, PNU conflict to something much deeper, and that the presidential elections had been used as an excuse for something else to be implemented, [for] the Kalenjins to get rid of the Kikuyus, that’s when we realized that we had to move out. That was the day before yesterday.

How did you leave?
We had to request our friends in Nairobi to come to our aid by chartering a plane because we could not access money and we didn’t have the kind of money that is needed to charter a plane. Our friends here in Nairobi came together and raised the money.

"It's whoever gets out, gets out."

Who have you left behind?
Our family is quite large. What I managed to do is to get my immediate family, my wife and my children but I have left my cousins, I have left my brothers. I am trying to communicated with my brothers to see if they can join us. But the situation is so bad that we can not say that we have to move as the whole clan. We are several hundred. We have lost several members in the conflict.

We have another small batch of relatives at the airport. They might make it today or tomorrow. We don’t know. We are still working on getting the ones who are in town because you can not get to the airport without escort. It’s an enormous challenge that we don’t’ know how far we can go because the resources needed to charter this plane are enormous. It costs between 170,000 to 320,000 Kenya shillings to charter a 19-seater.

I told you that my family is expansive. I lost two of my relatives in an area, very young boys. But what was even more disheartening, was my grandmother. She has a farm in Burnt Forest . When the clashes began, they left their homes and they went to a school, the whole village. The school was surrounded by the warriors. Any second, they could have attacked the school and finished them. We cried to the police and the police did send some policemen. The warriors still insisted that they wanted to kill these people. The police brokered a deal. [The people had to walk 20 KM to the nearest town, without getting anything from their homes.] Those villagers are trapped in a small town. We can’t get them food and we can’t get them to Eldoret town. They can’t come out.

"We really fear that there might be a massacre in Eldoret in the next few days."

Patrick's wife Ruth chimes in...

There is great fear in Eldoret town because people are being pushed into one central place, at the police station and at the church. What we have seen is that they are coming now and burning the churches at the outskirts. So far, we know that three churches have been burned and they have blocked all the exits out of town such that you can not get out of Eldoret town. So there is that great fear: why are we being pushed to the center for town? What is the intention?

What we have seen in the outskirts, the violence is so much. There is no precedent for it. In 1992, in 1997, it was not this fierce [during past land clashes]. So there is that great fear among the Kikuyu community in Eldoret. Why are we being put in one central place and we can not get out? So we really fear that there might be a massacre in Eldoret in the next few days.

You are holding quite a picture on the cover of that paper…? [As we were talking, Patrick was holding a copy of today's paper in his hand. On the cover was a photo of a woman wailing outside the burnt shell of the church in Eldoret where a group of sheltering Kikuyus were killed.]

This is a very sad moment. When I made it to Nairobi and I was able to get this paper. One of my families lives next to this church that was burned. Over 70 children and women were killed in this church [Media and official reports of the numbers vary widely]. It’s barely a kilometer from where some of my relatives live. It means that some of my relatives, I don’t know, maybe some were caught up in there. But so far we believe they are not caught up there.

This is a very good example of what we are talking about. We know that historically, people have warred. They have always tribe versus tribe, for many reasons, some petty, some reasonable. But we know that the house of God is a place that, across the world, people respect. According to the African culture, children and women are not killed. We also know that the Kalenjin warriors, according to their culture, because we have lived with them, they don’t kill women or children.

So when it comes to a point whereby they go to a house of God where children and women are taking refuge and they kill them there, this is taking the conflict to another level that we believe is not the presidential race.

How surprised are you by what’s happened?
I am shocked. I know the Kalenjin, they are warlike. We know, we live with them, that they have those regiments, they have warriors. But we know that they are also very peace-loving people, we know that we have inter-married with them. This is why it is very shocking that it has gone to this level.

When there was this conflict that the presidential race was unfair, rigging had taken place, and we definitely expected some outcry. We definitely expected some people marching. It’s not the first time. In Kenya ’s we’ve had land clashed, 1992, 1997. It’s not like it’s something that is new to us. But the level that this has been taking…

Believe me, the death count that you are reading in the newspaper, actually it is over ten times this. The attacks have been undertaken all around Eldoret. All around. All the farms, all the villages. If one time, it would be possible to have a death count, we are not talking of hundreds, we are talking of thousands.

What long-term effect do you think this conflict might have in Eldoret and in the country as a whole?
We know what has happened in other countries. We know what has happened in Bosnia , what has happened in Rwanda . Let’s not lie to ourselves that maybe there will not be retaliation.

In Rwanda , when the Hutus killed the Tutsis, it was fun until the tables turned and the Tutsis started killing the Hutus. We all know how many millions have died there. The reality is that, definitely, even if it is not me, there are people who are pained. You never know, it might take ten years, and an opportunity will occur for them to revenge. You never know, anything will trigger it.

Right now, the Kikuyus might be killed and everybody is excited and it’s fine and it cools down. And even Kibaki can say he has given up the seat and it is fine, it cools down. But an opportunity one time will present itself and this will not be forgotten.

Case 2
Caesar Wamalika, chaplain at the University of Eastern Africa in Baraton, in Rift Valley, spoke to the BBC to give a personal account of how a crowd of more than 1,000 people threatened to storm his campus unless some ethnic groups left. Caesar Wamalika says he and his colleagues are threatened daily It all began soon after the election results were announced. A number of groups from the local community broke into war songs and raided the shopping centre next to the university.

They looted all the shops that belong to Kikuyus and Kisiis. Then they broke into the rented off-campus houses of some students and then a crowd of about 1,000 people surged to the university gate and shouted that they wanted to storm the university.

They demanded that all Kikuyus, Kambas, Meru, and Kisii people leave the university within two hours. That was the only way to save the university from being stormed.

They said they would stay at the gate until their demands were met. Three armed policemen arrived and spent time negotiating with the crowd. Finally the police advised us to evacuate the named ethnic groups.

All of them are armed with machetes, bows and arrows. Some are drunk and others baying for blood

We put those specified faculty staff and students, numbering about 250, into three university vehicles and they were taken to Kapsabet Police station under police escort. They have been there for four days. Several attempts have been made to take them home.

The police tried and take them to Eldoret international airport but there were too many road blocks set up by different gangs and so they had to return to the police station. There is no way anyone can get out.

The situation at the police station is not good. There is no food or clean water, but their worst fear is the possibility of the station being stormed, as such threats have been made. The police are few and overstretched.

No one is safe. There are about 300 faculty members from the Luo and Luhyia community, international workers and students who are still holed up within the campus with me.

We have been having daily threats from the crowds of people outside the campus. On one occassion, we had to give a bull for them to slaughter to guarantee us peace.

It is a nightmare to meet them. All of them are armed with machetes, bows and arrows. Some are drunk and others baying for blood. I have never seen anything like this. One needs to be diplomatic when speaking to them.

Violence swept the country after the elections. We have managed to succeed in pleading with the militia to allow us transport to send food to those at the police station. It took three hours to go through road blocks to reach Kapsabet, which is only 15 km away.

There has been a change of heart from some commanders and militia leaders who know the university's administration. They said that on humanitarian grounds, the faculty with children and pregnant mothers should be allowed to return to the campus.

They also told us students of the other communities should also be allowed back. It sounded like good news. We shook hands. We asked them to transport food to Kapsabet. They agreed and used their own vehicles.

Locked in
But the food never arrived. We then found out that the militia who were escorting the food had been beaten and their vehicles smashed by another group.

That is the problem we are facing - having to negotiate with different militia groups who all have their own separate terms that we have to try and fulfil. The roadblocks are manned by between 100 and 500 people - in some major road blocks you will have a thousand.

This morning, as a political rally was announced, the crowd came again to the university gate, this time demanding that we join them in a mass demonstration. We feared being put on the front line and probably be first to face the armed police.

Our University public relations officer managed to negotiate with them to leave - but they have chained the main gate, locked it and gone away with the key. No vehicle can get in or out of the campus now. We pray that they don't come again to force us out.

There is a shortage of essential items. Nowhere to buy food, we don't have telephone calling cards and there is no fuel. The market is deserted and shops are closed. While the situation is calming down, there is still fear of what the next day might bring. We are still making efforts to escort our faculty safely away from the police station.

What needs to happen to build peace?

We are peace-loving country and God-fearing. It is said that over 80 percent of Kenyans are Christians. Even one of the things that came up in the campaign period was the issue of whether the leaders were Christians. Raila said he is a staunch Anglican Christian. President Kibaki said he is a staunch Catholic Christian. But I am asking, where are these pastors? Where are these pastors in Eldoret, Kalenjin pastors? Where is this Christianity?

I am shocked that pastors that had been preaching for us to be god-fearing, they are not coming out to condemn this. They are quiet as the work is being done. And when maybe everybody is down, they will come to bury us and say a very good prayer.

Because in my opinion, there is an opportunity for the church to rise above politics and take its position. How come this Christianity is not playing a role here? Why can’t I hear a Kalenjin bishop or a Kalenjin father or a Kalenjin pastor or a Kalenjin Imam, for that matter, coming out and saying "No, our religion forbids killing women and children??" If it’s men, it’s another issue. You can claim they are combatants. And in any war, combatants die. But I don’t believe Christianity or Islam would agree for children and women to be killed in the house of God.

So peace-building, the church has to begin. Right now we don’t trust the political leadership. I want to confess and say, I have not seen Kibaki coming out to speak strongly about it. I want to tell you, I think Raila has said he is not concerned unless Kibaki resigns. The person who is the leader in our area, he is just quiet.

So before the politicians can even sit, I would like to see the church coming out and putting their feet down. That is the first thing.

The second thing, as we are speaking, you might get a report that the war has cooled down. But we have thousands of people camped at the police station and church compounds and they are starving to death. So as much as they were not pierced by the arrows at their farms, they are dying slowly.

If nothing is done for that, you will be lying to people, saying that there is peace.

When there are two warring parties, it always takes a third party to come in and give reason. What we are observing is the international community being silent. We know that the international community knows what is happening. They are taking it lightly. We know the same mistake was done in Rwanda , whereby the Rwandese started killing each other, they cried out to the international community. The international community ignored them until up to a million Rwandans were dead.

The same story is being repeated in Eldoret, Burnt Forest , Londiani and kuresoi. This is genocide being done.

This is majimbo per excellence.

Anonymous said...

First things first. The most precious thing is life. So we must stop, nay, employ all resources to stop killings! The police must move to the troubled regions and stop all killings and destruction of properties. And then we can then find out who stole how much. For i have a feeling that no matter the killings, Kibaki is not about to step down. We must then seek to resolve the impasse. My proposition. is the current impasse caused by the following:-
1. Rigged elections?
2. Long term competitions for scarce resources?
3. Differing cultural tendencies? eg communities that are intrinsically more enterprising than others(due to cultural issues)
4. Bad Constitution?

Unless we can address the fear a Kikuyu would have if Raila won, all the fear a Luo has if Kibaki continued, then we'll remain in the dark for a long time. Perhaps a new balanced constitution devoid of the nanny structures in the Bomas draft can help.

a deeply wounded kenyan said...

I have read through most of the contributions on this blog, kina oketch, please do not display your ignorance and hypocracy in a public forum. have u ever worked hard for something so much and then its " stolen" from you? and is the first thing that you think of to kill the person stealing from you?

Most murders are normally premeditated and planned for. Ask all the murderers serving jail terms right now. Moi stole(elections and resources) for 24 years did we rest of the kenyans kill kalanejins for moi's sins?did u benefit from his theft? please dont try to give excuses for something that the kalenjin community has been planning for such a long time. there is sufficient evidence on happened in 1992, it happened in 1997, so which elections did kikuyus steal then? what spontaneous reaction of stealing were kalenjins responding to then?? please when you write anything in public, make sure u think about it before you post, you stand to expose the folly and ignorance in u.stop trying to hide genocide under spontaneous reaction towards an election that was rigged by all.we know now how kalenjins took it when raila talked of majimboism. we know now that kenyans are not ready for majimboism until they acquire wisdom from God. am afraid that the kikuyu tribe might resort to revenge and we kenyans dont want to think of what will happen. we all know if mungiki is given lee way even the so called govt wont be able to contain them. because we all have heard their secret recruitment, that leaves us guessing how many people would rise in the name of mungiki.

The low class continue to fight among themselves and while the middle class continue to try and earn their living, they have no problem with living with each other. i will tell you , i am kikuyu and i work with luos and kalenjins, we joke about our tribes during work but it ends there. the rich continue becoming rich and misusing the poor. lets start forums that will address the lower segment of our societ as they will suffer/are suffering the most as all this is happening. Is it worth to die for someone who wont put food on ur table?

its disgusting to hear ODM play victims while there is clear documented evidence that raila and his group rigged massively, just as PNU did. that is why on the night of 29th when ODM made complains of rigging, ECK chair decided to go through the results from constituencies that had already arrived with 2 agents representing each of the presidential candidate. Orengo was one of the agents for raila, how is it the following morning , there were no coments from ODM of the findings during the night of retallying? they keep saying it was rigged, why is there no hard evidence coming from the results on the night of 29th dec??? werent ODM the ones that threatened to boycott elections and making threats if kivuitu's contract was not extended ? Raila was so confident of winning, that loosing was not an option for him. thats the wrong approach in life.

The dick Moriss strategy might have worked in Ukraine in 2004 but this is kenya, we set our own rules, we learn from our own mistakes. which are unique to kenya only. thats why it never worked here.

the argument on 2 out of 8 provinces voted for kibaki so he was not voted for by a majority of kenyan is an argument that holds no water at all , is misguided and is twisted meant to take advantage of the ignorance of kenyan people and cause division along tribal lines. this race was even predicted by pollesters a close race.(thats why everyone kivuitu including and KHRC, "independent observers" all admit the race was too close to call that it would be hard to determine who actually won and dont expect any sitting president to resign becuase of such statements). that means even if the two sides were both honest and both sides did not rig, either kibaki or raila would have won. a win by a margin of even 200k is not a win by amjority as per say when u consider the total votes cast was about 10million with 14million voters registered to vote. this results mean that the country was divided into half. apart from 2 provinces where kibaki did not meet the 25% require for each province, other areas raila was head to head with kibaki(and the converse is true). so by saying kibaki was not voted by a majority(in other words was voted only in 2 provinces) is an insult to all those who voted for him and who represented half of the electorate. they are people not animals. and more importantly they are no less kenyans than ODM supporters.those people in those provinces voted for the development record from kibaki. and apart from tribal euphoria that swept one sideof the country, unbiased people voted for development record. thats is why as much as ODM want to discredit kibaki by saying most of his ministers were voted out,( i personally voted out one minister( in eastern) becuase of his poor development track.) its ODM taking advantage of the ignorance of a person who wont dig deep and find out why something is being done in a certain manner. its was ill advised and shortsightedness of electorate to vote against people associated with kibaki irrespective of their good deveolpment tracks.raphael tuju, Mukhisa just to name afew were voted out because of the euphoria(3 piece suit voting) yet their development record was super. tuju built clinics, and had ambulances going round his constituency treatting people( a hospital on the move), in how many constituencies did we ever hear of such?(taking health services right to people's doorsteps) the people of rarieda not only voted tuju out but burnt the ambulance. to me, this is lack of wisdom,is the ignorance i keep preaching against. the bible clearly says that "my people will perish becuase of lack of knowledge and i should add wisdom." when tuju and his family get sick they go to nairobi hospital so clearly those health facilities were meant for the constituents of rarieda. the electorate should have judged the MPs by their management of CDF which they were custodians of. part of kenyans were brainwashed to think that the 2007 elections were similar to 2002 elections. 2002 was the year of euphoria becuase kenyans were hungry for change/development every tom dick and harry made it to parliament in the name of narc.joseph kamotho was seen as a man of political tactics, he boasted of knowing survival tactics. but in 2007 he did not survive whether he strategically positioned himself to support president kibaki. neither did njenga karume and others. but you ask yourself why Ole ntimama has survived?

between 2002-2007 there was alot of development so that should have been the gauge in 2007,(thats why kibaki urged kenyans to judge him on a development scorecard). ngilu was going against the ODM K euphoria in parts of eastern but the people of kitui central voted her back becuase of her past development record in that area. that my fellow kenyans is wisdom.

Kenyans have a very forgetful mind(amnesia if i may be allowed to be firm), ODM has put it in the mind of kenyans that Kibaki is only associated to PNU yet we all know PNU has affiliates (so that to make sure candidates were not voted for in parliament on the mere basis that they are in PNU.) if you count the affliates of PNU , PNU and ODM K, again we see that there is no ground for one side to boast that it has a majority, becuase ODM has slightly over a 100 seats and PNU about 100 seats,with about 3 to 4 seats not yet decided. these seats could go either way (ODM or PNU) depending on the respective constituents' perception of the post election violence. and we can never really rule out defection.that means we might have a parliament with even number of MPs. so for any motion to be passed, 2/3 majority is required, which wont be achieved by any of the sides sinlgy. so who suffers if laws concerning kenyans are not passed? am sure this is not breaking news, but it is us the common kenyan. the MPs as long as they have been sworn in will continue to recieve thieir salaries including this month when they have gone to work for one day. full salaries and 8million of interest free morgage loans and new 4x4 machineries are among the packages they will be enjoying for the next 5 years. stop being shortsighted. lets try to read in between the lines.

we dearly regret the death of kenyans who have been killed by the law enforcers, but the governent has banned the rallies, why would u drive recklessly on a black spot yet u have been warned this is a black spot. its sickening to try and compare that with the kenyans who have died innocently becuase of where they come from and whom they voted( for which is just an excuse,) from Kalenjins who have been killing kenyans since 1992. to date over 600 people have died ,get the statictics of those who have died becuase of police shootings and those who have been brutally murdered by neighbours the have known and have lived with for years.

Oketch ,Kenyans like you are hypocrites, you sit down on your office seat , contribute your arrogance in blogs like this and at the end of the day you have a place to sleep, as long as u have your pay at the end of the month, your kids go to school and none of your relatives is directly affected then life for you goes on. none of us is safe with everything going on right now, none should consider themselves to have the upper hand, cuz when you push someone for too long , this person will revenge and u will never know when you will get affected until it happens. Go down to your knees and repent your(and all of us kenyans) arrogance to God, becuase no one knows what will happen if what is happening is left to go on. Life is about relationships, friends, family ,fellow kenyans. what does it benefit you if all your friends, family, relatives, and our country perished in the name of people hungry for power? will u ever forgive yourself? will you sleep at night? what will you tell God on judgement day? Raila last sunday after coming from church,( for once i think God touched him,) made a statement outside the church and he said"let all kenyans stop fighting and shedding blood, let me fight kibaki and his croonies, its between me and him". i think that was the most wise thing he has ever said since all this insanity came to play. becuase its true, at the end of the day, when moi was the president no one benefited from him directly unless u were close to him. kalenjins like all other kenyans struggled to put bread on the table, take your kids to school like me and any other kenyan. becuase its something with the rich, they like to keep everything to themselves, thats why in hollywood u see actors giving their kids the opportunities in roles meant for kids,. but does that mean that those kids are the best? no! same case, kikuyus have struggled when kenyatta and kibaki were presidents, didnt u see on TV kibaki's relatives some are still living so humbly like the kin is not president? then why watch when the rich use the poor for thier own satisfaction? am sure you have a close friend who is not kalenjin/luo, who is gema. am sure u as an individual u dont hate and u wil continue to love this person in ur life. cuz its not his fault he was born from a particular tribe, its not his tribe that first made you two to be friends but maybe it was his character, personality or likeness for the same things.or your kids became friends and u had to be friends. am sure if you are tribesmen planned to kill him and his family you would protect/hide him or advise him to escape.

I blame the media to a very large extent, for all this that is happening. different stations reported differently and created hopes for different parties. this created a bias in results hence making people think that they had won. Good thing live coverage was banned. The politicians were misusing it. Just before the elections a poll was conduted on media stations it was evident that the most fair / unbiased media station was nation TV. and we all attest to that. we all know if u started counting from nyanza, raila was being portayed as winner and if u started from central, kibaki was the winner!! that is why media stations were cautioned against giving result apart from the ones from ECK!!! Finally the international media is seeing the way things are its no longer about elections rigged but genocide:

everything that is happening will affect us(rich, poor and so called middle class) either directly or indirectly, because everything that goes around comes around. you may think you are destroying your neighbor yet you are destroying yourself. people have destroyed other people's livelihoods, that means more people will become poorer.poverty comes serious social ills, AIDS, crime just to name afew. crime rates will be on the rise as people look for livelihood after they cannot earn honest livelihoods as a result of post election looting , violence or even an excuse to just commit crime. so people will no longer enjoy the comfort of security the have been enjoying the last one year, 24hr shopping malls just to name afew. havent you noticed till this year , one could wake up at 1.00 a.m. and go shopping? inflation rates will affect all of us that try to put bread on the table. but all is not lost if we can stop and repent for all our sins and stop removing our neighbour's peck while we have logs in our eyes.

lets us form forums for addressing misperceptions due to ignorance among the poor (especially), lets us open our eyes so that we can see clearly because, the destroyed railway line in kibera, as much as its used to regional transport, 50% of the kibera residents on that side of kibera use the same railway like for transport to industrial area for work every morning. the railway line is the cheapest compared to the public matatu transport. now that 50% will have to sacrifice their meals for matatu transport or wake up at 3.00 a.m. to walk to work everyday. destroying shopping center at olympic primary school is shere ignorance or a better word, lack of wisdom. in the slums thats where we have economies of scale, (cooking fat sold in small measurements like a spoon, blueband kadogo, omo kadogo,) they destroyed it( who sell at kibuye market and toi, rich or poor?). rarely will you find supermarkets selling goods in such small quantities. the poor continue to become poor and the rich willl continue to become the rich. this has also happened to kisumu city, they have destroyed their own. they have surely caused their own suffering.

lets solve the land issues instead of using rigging as an excuse. Issues of land are so sentive, i may have been born in malindi and my grandparents lived there yet am kikuyu. Where is my home then? and who says central is the home of kikuyu? our generation cannot really provide evidence on who owns where. becuase we were born and found ourselves where we are. We have foreigners occupying land in Kenyan but they are being respected. So lets not be hypocrites, respect everyone’s property, sweat and hard work. my point is we cannot judge people by where they stay and no one has a right to stay in a place more than the other, in kenya. there various reseaons why peope live where they live in kenya. due to jobs, intermarriages, and inequalities of wealth distribution to name afew. even foreigners settled down. But we have to respect the other people's properties because u expect people to do the same for you.

But what has happened in the last one month is so grievous that people have to be accountable for what they have done. Hapa hapa tu duniani.

Anonymous said...

What intrigues me is that some people(read Luo) would rather see Raila as president of Kenya at whatever COST! Since they voted for him, they it becomes obligatory for the rest of Kenyan (nearly 57%) who voted against him to consider him as the ‘peoples president’. Does it mean the majority of us have no BRAINS or DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS to make our OWN choice?

When I hear the term ‘KENYANS HAVE DECIDED’, I ask myself what proportion of Kenyans? Raila’s supporters are not the only Kenyans we have in the world!

Kikuyus’ peaceful nature should NEVER be misinterpreted as cowardice. We know very well the effects of war. Our grandparent suffered so much in the CONCETRATION CAMPS under the British colonialism:- read (IMPERIAL RECKONING The Untold Story of Britain’s Gulag in Kenya by Prof Caroline Elkins).

Please DON’T awaken the wrath of the Kikuyu, we value human life but if it comes to warfare against us, well others have much to lose too.

Anonymous said...

We have Kenyans who have immigrated to Kenya from Europe & Asia. Its is strange to see that non-Gema Kenyans do not view these Kenyans as strangers amongst their midst. It is only Kikuyu this or Kikuyu that.

Gema people industriousness’ is the main culprit here. We are not supposed to be industrious. We are supposed to be lazy bones and extravagant like our Luo brothers. We think of a better tomorrow not jus about today.

Jealousy Kenyans should learn how we, the Gema, operate instead of wanting us to be like them.

I have never heard of any non-Gema being denied his/her capitalistic right of owning property in Central Kenya. Its just that property here is rather expensive and we welcome all who would prefer to invest here. Runda, Muthaiga, Loresho & Kahawa were annexed from Central province after all.

Even if we, the Gema, were to be evicted from other parts of Kenya (which is impossible), its not guaranteed that our blessings will remain with or evictors. Rather we will always be blessed for our righteous labour.

We, the Gema, will be successful wherever we shall migrate to. It may be in Africa or elsewhere. Look at the Mzungu in Kenya, he’s going fine. We are like the Jews, we will forever prosper because we put GOD first and HE blesses the works of our hands & brains.

Mbithe should stop lying that Central province does not generate enough tax revenue as a proportion to total tax revenue. Nairobi & Central province provide nearly 60% of tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

There is a book I would encourage everyone to read. "Left To Tell" by Immaculee Illibaiza. Its about how Immaculee, a rwandese tutsi woman, survived the slaughter for 91 days hidden in a cramped bathroom with 7 other women by a Hutu pastor. In those hours she discovered the power of prayer, eventually shedding her fear of death and ultimately emerging having discovered the meaning of unconditional love that she was able to seek out and forgive her family's killers. The triumphant story of this remarkable woman's journary through the darkenss of genocide will inspire anyone (meaning ALL tribes in Kenya) whose lives has been touched by fear, suffering and loss.

Alan said...

It seem it is only Kibaki and raila who reconciled.

I dont think i will ever associate myself in any way with a Kikuyu (unless it is sharing a matatu)

My heart still bleeds for the stolen election

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