Thursday, January 17, 2008

ODM now using policemen to fuel genocide

A report by MSNBC has finally validated the rumor that has been going round claiming that police officers sympathetic to Raila Odinga and William Ruto have been violating their code of conduct and fueling the tribal cleansing. The rumor said that ODM was using some police officers to sabotage the government's effort to bring peace. It was also said that some policemen were openly taking sides in the violence.

Junior officers allied to ODM have been using excessive force and even killing unarmed civilians in front of cameras. This is a calculated move to portray the government as a dictatorship. It is also seeks to create a rift between the masses and the government. In the end everything will be summed up as a Kikuyu government's genocide against the Luo people. ODM has been making this case since the start of violence.

Yesterday, a police officer was filmed shooting an unarmed civilian then kicking him while he was on the ground. This is just but one example of how junior officers can use government resources to sabotage the same government they are supposed to serve.

The Kisumu police commander Grace Kahindi told the press she had given the police orders against shooting over the heads of protestors, "The specific instructions were very clear: teargas and batons. That's what we said."

The MSNBC report that validates these concerns said,

In Burnt Forest, a Rift Valley town where some of the worst attacks on Kikuyus took place and thousands are staying at a camp under guard, a march by Orange Democratic Movement supporters from the Kalenjin tribe, escorted by paramilitary officers, paralyzed the highway.

Witnesses said they were escorted by police mostly from their own tribe, but that other officers later fired tear gas at them.

If the above report is true, then there is need to worry about the future of our country. The situation that is bad will soon turn into worse if we don't come together as Kenyans to shun those seeking to lead us into a civil war. Those promoting the idea of fighting the government from within have to be rejected.

Police officers should flush those among them who are breaking the law and giving the force a bad name. The chaos that they are seeking to cause hurt all of us irrespective of our tribe or religion.


Anonymous said...

Minutes of ODM Special Advisory Committe and ODM Cabinet List

Anonymous said...

Could you update your info? its almost the 24th of Jan, abt a wk after u posted this stuff. U do a good job but u always overstay with info. WE WANT NEW INFORMATION NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

The truth is coming out about the cold murder of unarmed Kenyans in Kisumu. They have caught up with Kirui. How many more hitmen are out there? Raila wants power at whatever cost.