Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Why William Ruto and Raila Odinga are scared

Finaly the truth is catching up with William Ruto, Raila Odinga and company. The Human Rights Watch has accused the groups saying, "We have evidence that ODM politicians and local leaders actively fomented some post-election violence."

The above sentiments were echoed by US special envoy to Kenya Jendayi Frazer who said that the violence she saw during a visit earlier this month to Kenya's western region, where the fighting has pitted Kalenjin people against Kikuyu, "was clear ethnic cleansing."

"The aim originally was not to kill, it was to cleanse, it was to push them out of the region," she said. "It is clear ethnic cleansing in the Rift Valley," she said.

While campaigning in Eldoret, Raila Odinga -nicknamed Arap Mibei by the Kalenjins- was quoted saying, "Hatutaki madoadoa" (we don't want spots). Madoadoa is a derogatory term used in Rift Valley to describe members of the Kikuyu and Kisii who own land in the Rift Valley.This term was repeated over and over in the Rift Valley as ODM campaigned to create a solid Kalenjin voting block.

At 1:38 Raila Odinga says Hatutaki Madoadoa

Raila Odinga never expected to spark a genocide from his campaign based on tribal hate. To him this was to be ethnic gerrymandering to force the Madoadoa out hence denying Mwai Kibaki the 25% vote as required in Kenya's election laws. Interestingly, William Ruto and other Kalenjin supremacists were also banking on Raila's campaign strategy to cleanse the Rift Valley of members of other ethnic communities.

You can see -in this video- why Raila Odinga was shaken as he tried to disassociate himself from the killings in Rift Valley.

The Tribal Math in Kenyan politics is yet to get a substitute. In this video clip (shot in 2002), Raila explained to Kenyans in Texas how he had masterminded the ethnic politics that were paying out. He repeated the same sentiments in Kisii as reported by the Standard.

"Given that Moi had chosen a Kikuyu (Uhuru) as his successor, the only option was to give him a Kikuyu competitor. I’m happy the game plan worked," Raila said.

The tribal math as described above by Raila is what was served to Kenyans for 5 years after Raila and Kibaki fell apart over Premiership promised to Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga and Dick Morris crafted a strategy to pit the rest of Kenya against the Kikuyus. Raila Odinga and his supporters blamed all ills in Kenya on the Kikuyu community. Raila even accused the Kikuyu community of economic apartheid.

Even after practicing ethnic politics, Raila Odinga has the audacity to quote Dr. Martin Luther King in this video.

Creating tribal rifts and exploiting those rifts to brew violence have been strategies Raila Odinga has used to stay relevant in politics. In 2001, former president Daniel Arap Moi and Raila Odinga -who was serving as Minister for Energy and the Kanu Secretary General- played polpulist politics in Kibera that resulted in violence. They asked residents not to pay rent. As a result, dozens of people were killed and others displaced. This was a plot to change the voting demographics in Kibera by pitting minority Nubian landlords in the slums against the majority Luo tenants. Luo rioters also targeted tenants from other communities.

Some tenants in told the Nation,

Ms Mutiso added: "Moi ametuuza. Kwa nini alianzisha moto halafu anatoroka?
(Moi has sold us. Why did he light the fire and then leave us?)"

Ms Shumi Ismael, aged 23, who has two children. broke down as she accused Mr Raila Odinga, the National Development Party leader, of fuelling the violence.

"I now have nowhere to go, while politicians who incited their tribesmen not to pay rent sleep comfortably with their wives and children," she said.
Here are pictures by the Nation.

In what has become typical of Raila Odinga, he came out and blamed some unnamed Members of Parliament of causing chaos in Kibera.

"Some MPs are out to create animosity among Kibera residents. They have no business in Lang'ata," he said.

Somebody has to bring this maddness to an end. Raila Odinga and others should be told that they cannot order the slaughter of innocent citizens and use their suffering to negotiate for power. "Impunity cannot be allowed to stand."


Anonymous said...

Innocent children, women and men killed because of their tribe. We need to stop this from ever happening again in our country. It happened in 1992 & 1997. We have to stand up for those who died unjustly. Let the courts decide, we can't ignore it this time, we have to say no. Sign petition at website below:

Jakenya said...

I am a Kikuyu. I used to admire Raila Odinga, even when he went into Kanu which I saw as an act of opportunism and betrayal, I still respected the man and thought he might one day be a future president.

But Raila, when you have gone down this path of tribal politics in creating hatred towards another group, and going so far as to associate with very wicked minds who have dragged you down the road of murder, ethnic cleansing, genocide, I cannot respect you even as a human being.

If Kenya falls apart, it will not be because of some election dispute. Any electoral dispute could and should have been sorted out in a civilized manner as was in the US in 2000. If Kenya falls apart, it will be because of the ethnic hatred which you Raila, and those you have associated with, have instilled amongst the people. Once hatred and violence, and the consequent reaction of return hatred and return violence have been unleashed, they cannot simply be turned off at your will.

Anonymous said...

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Maxim Dibrov said...

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