Friday, January 4, 2008

Maina Kiai where are you????

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights chair Maina Kiai is missing in action. The vocal human rights activist has always been handy in advocating for the interests of politicians as if only political interests qualify as human rights.

The Eldoret Massacre was the single most deadly event in the ongoing genocide. Women and children who had taken shelter in a church were burnt to ashes in broad daylight. The killers blocked all exits before setting the church on fire.

After a long silence about the genocide that is going on, Maina Kiai came out to defend rights of Raila Odinga's supporters to hold a protest. Newspaper reports covering the Raila protests quoted some Raila supporters confessing of slaughtering Kikuyus. The protestors promised to continue the killings until Raila Odinga is installed as president.

“Whereas we understand that the police commissioner may be concerned about the state of security in the country to issue such orders, such decrees not only contravene the law, but only serve to aggravate the situation further,” said the commission’s chairman Maina Kiai in a statement sent to newsrooms last evening.

Daily Nation, Jan 02, 2008 22:41 PM (EAT)

Maina Kiai's selective interpretation of human rights is like spitting and the face of the victims. Didn't Maina Kiai and his organization find the lives of innocent Kenyans worth a two sentence statement?

Maina Kiai is paid by the Kenyan citizens to advocate for the rights of the down trodden. He has opted to protect the interests of politicians instead because it pays handsomely. It boosts your ego when you mingle with the high and the mighty.

Silence from the KNCHR is an endorsement of the genocide.



After a long slilence, Maina Kiai has found his voice again. His voice coincided with the ODM SMS that has been circulating saying that Mungiki has been activated by the Government.

Maina Kiai, head of the government-funded National Commission on Human Rights, said the Mungiki, an ethnic Kikuyu gang notorious for beheading its victims, had returned.

"They are coming out again and being used by the state. We have firm evidence of that, some of their people came to us," he said.

I am still looking for Maina Kiai's statements on the Eldoret Massacre, The burning of Burnt Forest, The Kaptein Massacre, The Mass Exodus in Rift Valley, The Siege of Baraton University, ....................................

The facts are there for the world to see. The perpetuators of the Genocide can hire the best publicists in the world; they can buy all the Human Rights organisations but they cannot burry the facts in water. The corpses of the children, women and men massacred in Rift Valley are rotting. No amount of perfume can mask stench. Even the killers are pleading that their victims corpses be removed. They can't the stench of their own mess!

This is not about a rigged election. It is about killing certain ethnic groups in RV to deny them their right to own property in the province.



At last Maina Kiai visits Eldoret to shed crocodile tears. A man who has given the 'rigged' election as justification to the killings in RV expected a warm welcome but he received boos.

Maina Kiai and his KNCHR were missing when the rights of the common citizen were being violated. He was missing when Kalenjin Militia drowned 30 Kenyan refugees in River Kapkaren. Now he shows up to fake empathy?

Let Maina Kiai enjoy his 30 pieces of silver in peace without trying to mock the victims of the criminals that he is representing.


Anonymous said...

This article captures the mood of "real" human rights crusaders. it is a fact that Kenya witnessed a flawed election that they high stakes on, however a violation of one human right does not give credit to another. It is a fact Maina and his team of human rights crusaders took sides long time a go. No wonder even when seeds of hatred were been sowed during the pre- election period they watched and even cheered their "friendly' politicians on in the name of voter education. Does Maina and his diciples want to tell us that the right for Raila to hold a million rally supersedes my right to life and property? A violation of human rights is a violation whether committed by state or by opposition, the militia killing people in Rift Valley are not governemnt funded can Maina stand up for the rights of Kibaki supporters too!

Concerned Kenyan said...

This Kiai guy is an embarassment to Kenya and a disgrace to the society. How in the world did he earn such a position? My God, its sad to see how victims continue to be victimized in kenya. By victims, I mean those that are homeless and those who suffered brutally at the hands of the attackers. They have no say now and the one guy that should be their voice opts to play politics while people are out there dying. What a shame! This guy should be fired immediately.

Mental Slavery said...

Civil society is not corrupt? Big joke! Activists happen to be the biggest hypocretes; that is how they earn their bread. They are like scarvengers that survive on carnage. That Maina Kiai is a Kikuyu doesn't mean that he is not interested in making money. The most lucrative business in Kenya today happens to be activism. The EU funds most of those civil societies. This makes them a mouthpiece of the EU. If they don't sing songs compesed by EU the funding will be cut and many will be jobless. The wise summed it all when they said, "he who pays the piper calls the tune." In Nazi Germny there were jews like Joseph Goebells, Alfred Rosenberg etc

ProstoShelMimo said...

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